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Hey there! I'm Sara, the writer, editor, photographer and stylist for Style for the Seasons. This blog came about a few years ago when I was living in Washington, DC. Last year, I decided to uproot my life and move back across the country to my hometown of Reno, Nevada. I like to think of myself as a west coast fashion blogger but love to incorporate DIYs and other fun things into my daily posts.

My job that pays the bills: communications and marketing for a start up.

A few things that I'm currently obsessed with: lipstick, delicate accessories, good books, great coffee and nerdy puns.

I am currently a Style Council Contributor for StyleList.

Guess what? I LOVE hearing from readers and would love for you to reach out anytime about anything! Do you have questions about products? Need styling tips? Are you thinking about moving across the country and are looking for advice? I mean, I've done it twice and I have learned a few things about what NOT to do. Shoot me an email-- I would love to hear from you!

Would you like me to review your products or host a giveaway? I'd love to wear your product on my blog and/or review it.

Please note: I only wear products that fit with my personal style. Items that have been provided to me will be marked with a "c/o" on posts.

To reach me, email saramiller04 {at} gmail.com.

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