NYC Pet Show 2011

So, last weekend I went up to NYC with my dad for the NYC Pet Show. He was there for work and asked me if I wanted to come up and help him. I was excited to spend some QT with dad so I took the train up after work on Friday. What I didn't expect was how CRAZY people are with their pets. Here are a few examples of what we witnessed over the weekend:

This dog is famous. Don't ask me why. Her owner is some lady who is "famous" for her grooming techniques. Please notice the feather hat the dog is wearing.

Tie dye. This was all the rage at the show. Really?

Dog treadmills. Seriously, how lazy can people be? Go walk your dog.

Tutu + dog= this. Barf.

My favorite guy from the show. He is a French Mastiff and he is massive. So adorable.

Shoes. On a dog. It looks like a goat.

And more tie dye.

Yeah, people are sooo crazy. But, hey, at least we had a great time people watching.

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  1. people KILL me. i am not an animal lover, i guess.