Guest Post: How to Wear High Rise Jeans

By: Catherine Moraru

With the passing of 2012, it will be of little surprise to many that jeans were the most searched-for fashion term online. However, while jeans are an absolute fashion staple, a lot of women struggle to find jeans that flatter their shape. Still, there are some cuts that will suit almost every shape, provided you wear them well. If you want to find a pair of tummy-slimming, bum-flattering, leg-lengthening jeans that you’ll love wearing again and again, take a look at our guide to how to wear high rise jeans.

Avoid sagging
Avoid sagging around the crotch, waist or bum as this will create an unflattering silhouette. Instead, opt for a snug fit. If you go for a wide leg style, team with wedges or heels to lengthen your legs and give them a more flattering shape.

Work out if skinny jeans are right for you

Straight up and down girls can get away with a skinny style teamed with flats or heels, but if your legs are on the shorter or chunkier side then a skinny jean is best avoided.

Be careful about your back pockets

High rise jeans can make your waist and tummy look slimmer, but if the back pockets are too high or too small they can overemphasise your bum. Of course, if you want your bum to look fuller and more pert then small high pockets are ideal.

Choose a block colour jean
Choose a block colour jean rather than one that’s been faded or aged as these finishes can emphasise parts of your body you’d rather keep under wraps. If you do stick to a plain colour, remember that there’s no need to choose blue every time.

Tuck your top in

When wearing skinny jeans, wear your top tucked in – unless it stops just at the point where your jeans start. When you tuck your top in, don’t pull it out too much as this can create a ‘puffy’ look and add volume to your top half. For extra confidence team your jeans and top with a longer cardigan or shirt but leave the top layer open. You’ll get the full effect of your high waist but will feel more confident and covered up.

Finally, high-waisted jeans should stop at the smallest part of your waist. You can accessorise with a thin belt in a bright colour to emphasise an hourglass shape further and get that Mad Men look!


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