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With the new job starting next week, I've started thinking about what to wear-- no surprise there. The only catch is I will now be working from home. I may head into my dad's office a few days a week to make sure I don't end up working in sweats on a daily basis (which would probably lead to a lack of showering). So, in preparation for my new "at home" workwear, I've starting making a list of cute/ comfy clothes that I can easily wear to the office, the airport and to coffee shops. 

Do you have any work-at-home clothes I should check out?

work from home

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  1. I work from home and love going to the coffee shop to work most days so that I have a reason to get dressed moderately cute! I love that t-shirt! Good luck with keeping up appearances! I also like to have a soft sweater around (that looks good enough to wear in public), my house get so cold that it's great to have something to throw on!